venerdì 16 luglio 2010

Marangoni Fashion Show 2010

Here I am after a long long long absence but I have a really good excuse..I graduated!
And these are some photos from our Fashion Show!

This is one of my is entirely handmade, I painted it and then I embroidered it..

Outfit by Matilde Coletti

Outfit by Margherita Barisone

outfit by Elettra Gotti

Outfit by Oliver Green

Outfit by Giulia Caserta

outfit by Maurizio Bontadi

outfit by Alexa Kropveld

outfit by Silvia Risi

For the Gallery and all the other designers

8 commenti:

  1. Il primo da subito è stato quello che maggiormente mi ha colpito... poi ho letto che è tuo :) Complimenti!

  2. Hello love! Amazing blog! I am definitely following you!! Well, when you get the chance stop by my blog!!
    P.S.- Please be sure to follow! :)

  3. Oh!
    I like your blog its very interesting. I really like the first dress with the blur flowers, I am all about flowers :).
    So come check out my blog at
    and follow when you have the chance to.

  4. il primo abito è davvero bellissimo!

  5. Splendido l'outfit di Alexa Kropveld

  6. Nice selection of faves, i love that menswear piece that has a graduation of blue
    Rianna xxx

  7. These are great pieces. I like the second to last dress.
    Congratulations on your graduation.