lunedì 27 dicembre 2010

Made Men

Photography by Isa Jacob
Styling by My Ringsted @ Unique Look
Hair by Mette Thorsgaard @ Unique Look
Makeup by Zenia Jaeger @ Unique Look
Model(s) Andreas, Esben, Martin, Peter Beyer, SYLVESTER HENRIKSEN & Theo @ Unique


mercoledì 8 dicembre 2010

Good News from Forever21

Good news for all the italian readers!

With the opening of the british stores, the F21 shop online is now able to ship in Italy!
The standard italian shipping cost is 6€...what are you waiting for?? :)


"Fabulous" Dolce & Gabbana Eyeshadow Quad

sabato 6 novembre 2010

Moody Model Nail Polish

I was totally in love with American Apparel's nail polishes expecially with Peacock but for some reasons I could not really explain I never went to buy it. Then yesterday I went to H&M and I saw this nail polish that looks exactly like Peacock. I decided to try it out, also because its price (3,95€) was really convenient!

It is called Moody Model, and it is so easy to put on. What do you think? I think this could be a perfect dupe!

Thanks to You've Got Nail for Peacock swatches!