mercoledì 31 marzo 2010

Kiko new colors!

Spring is here and Kiko wouldn't leave us without a new wonderful and colorful collection of nail polishes..
I bought just five of them (for 3,90€ each!) but my sister bought the rest and I couldn't wait to go home and try them!
They're the best nail polishes I've ever tried (I have to confess, I'm not able to put on my nail polish without making mess, I'll never learn) but they're so easy to put on and very resistent! All of this for a very cheap price..LOVE KIKO!

On their site you will find all the colors they make, and the rest of make up collection!

n.281 - n.296 - n.292 - n.236 - n.294

sabato 27 marzo 2010

Zara vs Burberry

Love Burberry and love this trench...but Zara once again helped me to save a lot of its personal version of this faboulous coat!

This silver charm was the surprise inside my Easter Egg a lot of years ago! It is the "Bacio" (it means kiss) a chocolate candy made in the town I was born, Perugia. It reminds me of home!

Trench Zara
Blouse Vintage
Short Zara
Thights Calzedonia
Sunglasses Krizia Vintage
Bag Louis Vuitton Vintage
Heart ring Tiffany
Rose ring Vintage
Shoes bought in a market near home (for 20 euros!)

domenica 14 marzo 2010

Matt The Make Up Idol!

Hi everyone!
Sorry, I didn't have so much time these days to wrote on the busy!!

Today I'll talk about Matt.
Matt is a Make Up Artist and with Lancome creates a very interesting web fiction in which he his asked by a misterious woman to overcome a series of make up it's gonna end? All we have to do is to follow his adventures on or in his youtube page..

Here Matt is introducing himself (Sorry but It is only in italian..)