sabato 30 gennaio 2010

Life is a Flower

I'm so fed up with the cold outside so I tried to recreate my own personal garden collection in order to get a little bit of spring atmosphere...however outside is still winter so instead of shooting between real flowers I had to play with bad!!

Hope you like it!

Carina Duek dress, Calzedonia thights, Miu Miu Shoes --- H&M necklace, Bershka top

top and skirt, H&M boots, Accessorize bangles ---Zara floreal t-shirt worn as a dress, Bershka dress, Vintage belt, Miu Miu shoes

top and skirt,belt of a Kimono, Zara shoes --- Topman cardigan, Oysho dress, Topshop shoes

venerdì 29 gennaio 2010

Lanvin Dolls for S/S 2010 cute are these dolls???

Tom Munro

Fashion Geometries

It's called Cubeoctahedron for his shape (I just learn yesterday that really exists a geometric solid called cubeoctahedron, anyway..) and it's produced by Bandada. With the same shape you can also find necklaces and earrings but these rings really caught my eye..I've got an obsession with rings..

You can find it here!